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Unit 16: I can talk about relationship

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Take an instant dislike to sb
Dislike sb as soon as you meet them.
Resent something
Feel anger about something. Often when it seems unfair. [resentment]
Unfriendly and aggressive. [hostility]
To sb’s face
If you say something to sb’s face, you say it to them directly.
Saying nice things about sb [compliment sb on something or pay sb a compliment
Behind sb’s back
If you say or do something behind sb’s back, you say or do it without their knowledge
Used for saying that something is certain to happen. [Inevitable]
Put a strain on sb
Create pressure and anxiety for sb; create tension in a relationship
Stick up for sb
Support and defend sb if they are criticized
As time went by
Over a period of time
Settle down
Become calmer and more relaxed
Used to talk about a situation or life in genera
start to become better
In the beginning. Initial adj
Not wanting to do something
A connection between people based on shared feelings or experiences.
A feelings of admiration for sb because of their qualities
Confide in sb
Tell sb personal information because you trust them.
Ups and downs
A mixture of good and bad things in life or a relationship
Appreciate sb
Recognize something and welcome it
Make a sacrifice
Give up something important or valuable in order to do something that seems more important. [sacrifice something]
Maximize something
Make the best use of something
Using methods which do not harm the environment
Carbon footprint
Your carbon footprint shows how much CO2 is emitted from your personal energy use