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Unit 2: I can use familiar words in a new way

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(of a vehicle) move very slowly
Have second thoughts
Start having doubts about a decision you have made
Be in two minds about sth
Be unable to decide what to do about sth
Sweet(of sb)
Kind(of sb)
Be tied up
Be busy and unable to do other things
Down on sb
If sb downs on you , you begin to realize it for the first time
Ulterior motive
A reason for doing sth that you keep hidden
INF stupid
Be the last thing on sb’ mind
Be the thing that sb is least likely to be thinking about
Get out of sth
Avoid doing sth
Send sth/sb flying
Make sth/sb move quickly and without control
You’re not gonna believe this
Used to introduce surprising and often unwelcome news.
Get sth/sb to do sth
Make or persuade sb/sth to do sth
Remain fresh
Keep sb going
Be enough for sb until a later time
Put sth
Say or write sth in a particular way
Push sb
Make sb work harder
Leave sth to/with sb
Allow sb to take care of sth
Make sth sth
Think or calculate sth to be a particular time or number
Bring sb somewhere
Cause sb to reach a particular condition or place.
Come with/Come in
Be sold or produced with a particular feature.
Do(for sb/sth)
Be enough or be acceptable in a particular situation.