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Unit 23: I can talk about competitive sport

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At home
If a team plays at home, they play in their own stadium. OPP away
Qualify for sth
Be good enough to enter a competition. Qualification N.
In a knockout competition, the winner at each stage continues in the competition, but the loser is no longer in it.
a person or team who comes second in a competition
the rest(of sth)
the remaining people or things; the others.
eliminate sb from sth
If a team is eliminated from a competition, it has been beaten and can no longer take part in it. SYN knock sb out of sth.
an act of deciding sth by pulling names out of a bag. be drawn(against sb) v.
a stage in a sport competition.
get through (to sth)
Reach the next stage in a competition.
Not belonging to either of the teams who are playing.
A place where an organized event happens.
Success in a game war, etc. Victorious ADJ.
The way in which sb is performing (sb in on good/great form is perfoming well;sb who is off form is performing badly).
A set of teams who play each other over a season to find the best team.
A (good/bad) run
A period of performing well or badly.
Not having lost
The action of moving a team up to a higher leauge. Be promoted V.
Let sb down
Fail to give sb the help and support they need.
Under pressure
In a stressful situation. Often because sb is forcing you to do sth in a certain way.
Go to pieces
Become very nervous or upset and unable to perform
Play better than sb and be in control of the game
On the verge of sth
Near to the moment of doing or achieving sth.
Give sth away
Lose a game, point, or competition through a bad mistake