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Unit 24: I can talk about gardens and nature

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Imitate sth/sb
Copy sth/sb
Acquire sth
Obtain sth by buying it or being given it.
A small house, especially in the country.
In the process of doing sth
Doing things that are necessary to achieve sth.
Animals, birds, and insects that live in a natural state.
An area of land that is used for sth.
An area of land that is higher at one end than the other
A small simple building, made of wood, and often found in gardens.
Attract sth/sb
Make sth/sb come towards you.
Scatter sth
Throw or drop things in different directions over a wide area.
The small hard part of a plant from which new plants grow.
A field covered in grass, and often wild flowers.
A place where birds lay their eggs and live with their young
A small job that you have to do regularly,often arround the home.
A mixture of decaying plants and food that is added to soil to help things grow
Enrich sth
Improve the quality of sth by adding sth to it.
The top part of the earth in which trees and plants grow.
Prune sth
Remove some of the plant’s stems or branches to improve future growth
(of the earth) Wet from too much rain
Do the weeding
Remove the weeds
Put your feet up
Sit down and relax
A line bushes growing close together arround a garden or field.
Plant sth
Put flowers and other plants into the soil.