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Unit 25: I can talk about shopping habits

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impulse (to do sth)
a sudden desire to do sth without thinking about the results(buy sth on impulse).
in search of sth
looking for sth.
price tag
a label on sth which shows how much you must pay
shop till you drop
MODERN IDIOM spend a long time shopping because you don't want to stop (till =until)
casually look at things in a shop, or look through the pages of a book.
after sth
looking for and trying to obtain sth (after a jacket/after a job).
the minute
as soon as. sYN the moment.
be off
go; leave
have an eye for sth
have a natural ability to see or find sth (to have your eye on sth is to have seen sth and want to have it or buy it).
shop around
go to different shops until you find what you want.
having a very clear aim; knowing what you want to do.
be distracted by sth
be looking at or thinking about sth so that you are unable to pay attention to other things. distract sb from sth
SYNS hobby, pastime (leisure/outdoor pursuits)
a short period of time doing one activity, often in an uncontrolled way (spending/shopping spree).
bargain hunting
looking for sth at a good price and cheaper than usual
head for/towards
go in the direction of.
indulge in sth
do sth you like, especially sth that is bad for you
a small tool or piece of equipment that does sth useful.
INF sb who enjoys shopping and spends a lot of time doing it (also workaholic/chocoholic; see alcoholic below).
A compulsive person finds it difficult to control their actions (a compulsive shopper/gambler/ liar).
addicted to sth
unable to stop doing sth which is usually harmful (addicted to drugs; a person is a drug addict).
very serious (crippling debts/ disease).