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Unit 28: I can talk about energy conservation

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Converse something
Avoid wasting something
Switch to something
Change from using one thing to using another
Not wasting much energy
Relating to environment
Emit something
Send out something such as light, heat, etc.
The act of using energy, food, or materials.
A machine you use at home like fridge
On standby
If a TV is on standby. It is connected to the power supply but is not in use
Charge something (up)
Pass electricity through something to store it there
Tumble dryer
A machine that uses hot air to dry clothes
Landfill (site)
An area of land where large amounts of rubbish are buried
Containing poison
Better still
Even better
Concerned with or supporting the protection of the environment
Using new methods or making new discoveries
A large, new project
In season
Ready for eating now and available in large numbers
Food miles
The distance food travels from where it is grown or produced to where it is consumed
Made to be thrown away after use
Recycle something
Treat something so that it can be used again
Maximize something
Make the best use of something
Using methods which do not harm the environment
Carbon footprint
Your carbon footprint shows how much CO2 is emitted from your personal energy use