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Unit 3: I can use compounds

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Drawing Pins
A short pin with a colored plastic head that is not flat used especially for fastening paper to a board or wall.
Paper Clips
A piece of bent wire or plastic that is designed to hold loose sheets of paper together.
Barbed Wire
Strong wire with short sharp points on it, used especially for fences.
Nail Polish
Clear or colored liquid that you paint on your nails to make them look attractive.
Driving License
An official document that shows you are qualified to drive.
Birth Certificate
An official document showing when and where you were born.
Spare Part
A part for a car or machine to replace an old or broken part.
A person walking past a place by chance.
Long Weekend
A short holiday from Friday to Saturday, or Saturday to Monday.
Life Expectancy
The number of years that a person is likely to live.
Shortcut / Short Cut
A path or route that is quicker than a normal way.
Fancy Dress
Clothes that you wear to a party to make you appear a different character.
Nursery Rhyme
A short and usually very old song or poem for young children.
Fruit / Slot Machine
A machine into which you put money in the hope of winning more back.
Next Of Kin
Your closest living relative (often used on official documents)
Happening at the last possible moment.
(of an area of land) covered in buildings, roads, etc.
Extremely anxious about something.
Not easily upset by unkind or critical comments.
(of behavior) irritating or unattractive.
Unable to speak easily because of nerves or shyness.
Worn Out
1 (of a thing) no longer useful because it has been used too much./ 2 (of a person) exhausted from work or exercise.
(of a product) remaining in good condition for a long time.
(especially of something unpleasant) seeming to last forever.
Often angry and easily annoyed.
Not willing to listen to the ideas and opinions of others.
Thinking in a concentrated way about something and determined to achieve it.
A disappointment.
Drop-out (of something)
Leave school, college, a course, etc. without finishing your studies.
The number of people who attend an event.
Large changes made in an organization to improve it.
Break Down
(of a vehicle or machine) stop working.
Hold somebody/something up
Delay somebody /something.
A long line of traffic, moving very slowly.
A vehicle that is so badly damaged that it is not worth repairing.
The ending of a relationship or association.
A problem that delays or prevents progress, or makes a situation worse for somebody.
Break Out
To begin and become noticeable.
The sudden start of something unpleasant, especially violence or disease.
Lay Out
The money that you have to spend in order to start a new project.