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Unit 35: I can talk about crime and the police

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Organized crime
Crime committed by professional criminals working in large groups
The buying and selling of sth illegally. Drug-human-trafficking
Proceeds of (of sth)
The money you receive when you sell or organize sth
The crime of moving goods or people illegally into or out of a country. Smuggle sth or sb
Disapproving a situation in which
Forced labor
Hard physical work that sb is forced to do
the crime of obtaining money from somebody by tricking them. defraud sb. v
group of criminals working together.
Entice sb to do sth
persuade sb to do sth,
The crime of making an exact copy of documents or works of art in order to make money by selling them. forge sth v FML a gun that can be carried
Detain sb
keep sb in an official place, e.g. a police station, and prevent them from leaving (be detained in custody)
a legal document signed by a judge that allows the police to do something; a judge issues a warrant.
an official who acts as a judge in trials involving minor offences.
Grounds (for sth)
PL, FML good or true reasons for saying or doing sth (reasonable grounds for sth, on the grounds that)
Be about to (do sth)
be going to do sth very soon
Caution sb
FML warn sb officially that anything they say may be used against them as evidence in court
the state of being in prison while awaiting trial (in custody)
a lawyer who gives legal advice and prepares documents