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Unit 4: I can use a range of collocations

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Set Fire (to something)
Make something start burning
Catch Fire
Start to burn.
Fire Breaks Out
The fire starts.
On Fire
Fire spreads
The fire moves and covers a larger area.
Burst Into Flames
Suddenly begin burning strongly.
Go Up In Flames
To destroy by fire.
Fire/Flames die Down
The fire/flames become weak.
Put Out The Fire
Stop the fire burning.
Forest Fires
Fires that occur in forests during hot summer months.
Light A Fire
Start a fire for a purpose (e.g. in a fire[lace or garden).
Fire Goes Out
The fire stopped burning.
Lights Go Out
To stop giving light.
Put Cigarette Out
To make something that is burning (e.g. fire or cigarette) stop burning.
Fight Breaks Out
To suddenly start.
Burst Into Tears
To suddenly start crying.
Disease Spread
To affect more and more people.
Noise Dies Down
To gradually become less strong.
Torrential Rain
Very heavy rain.
Gale-force Winds
Very strong winds.
Considerable Difficulty
A lot of difficulty.
Extensive Damage
A lot of damage.
Strong Accent
A very noticeable accent.
Great Honor
An action or occasion that creates a feeling of pride.
Real Effort
A big effort.
Main Concern
Biggest worry.
Familiar Face
A person who you recognize and know.
Brief Summary
A short statement giving the main points of something.
Classic Example
A very typical example of something.
Strong Criticism
A lot of disapproval from others.
Utter Chaos
A state a complete confusion.
Narrow Escape
A situation in which you were lucky because you just managed to avoid danger or trouble.
A Real Eyesore
A building or object that is very unpleasant to look at.
Take Offence (at something)
Show you are angry or upset about something, or feeling insulted by it.
Make It Clear (that)
Say something to make somebody understand a situation.
Do No Such Thing
Refuse to do the thing you have been asked to do.
Reach (an) Agreement
Successfully arrive at an agreement.
Face The Prospect (of/that...)
Recognize the possibility that something may happen
Settle A Dispute
end an argument between people.
Hold Somebody Responsible (for something)
Think that somebody should be blamed for something.
Take The Blame (for something)
Accept responsibility for something.
Reach The Point (where/when)
Arrive at a time or stage at which something happens.
Back Down
Stop asking for something, or stop saying you will do something.