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Unit 41: I can talk about celebrity

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Deserve sth
I deserve the best
The survey is only concerned with women of childbearing age.
I hate sharing a bedroom - I never get any privacy.
What did you think of the BBC's election coverage?
In the public eye
he is in public way
These new findings turn the accepted theories on their head.
Intrusion (intro sth)
His phone call was a welcome intrusion into an otherwise tedious morning
the tabloid press
Single sth/sb out
Jamie was thrilled when the teacher singled out his poem and asked him to read it aloud.
Pry into sth
As a reporter, I was paid to pry into other people's lives.
Exclusive story/interview/photo
The ceremony was broadcast on the internet.
The ceremony was broadcast on the internet.
[ + that ] It was alleged that Johnson had struck Mr Rahim on the head.
a rehab clinic
rock sb/sth
The managing director's resignation rocked the whole company.
a financial/political/sex scandal
The hotel has a special discount rate for newlyweds
On the rocks
in difficuities
I heard a rumour that she'd been seeing Luke Harrison.
The parents were given joint custody.
Dump sth
If he's so awful, why don't you just dump him?
Give birth (to sb/sth)
She gave birth to twins.
She introduced me to some of her fellow students.
Rally (round/ to sb or sth)
5,000 people held an anti-nuclear rally.