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Unit 42: I can discuss political beliefs

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They had no means of communication.
The means of production
the material and equipment neede to produce things
A means of identification
a way of showing who you are
Associated with sth/sb
I don't want my children associating with drug
Favour sth/sb
support and agree with sb/sth
Status quo
Certain people always want to maintain the status quo.
Opposed to sth/sb
disagree strongly with \
radical change
Distribute sth
The books will be distributed free to local schools
In an ideal world, would everyone get treated equally?
a group of extremists (= people with extreme opinions)
Centre party
a political party that is not left wing or right wing
the first cracks are appearing in governments
Driving seat
who is on the driving seat?
cause problems by making changes to a situation that is satisfactory as it is
create the the basic ideas or prinsiples from which sth can then develop
the government is out of her depth
Deep end
the Mps were thrown a deep end .lets see if they swim or sink
Heat sth
it has started a heat debate
he got the job because he s a safe pair of hands
the government is heading in the right direction
the minstry performance is under microscope
the poiliticants will give this a postive spin