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Unit 45: I can describe ways of working

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The pros and cons
The advantages and disadvantages/drawbacks.
Accountable to sb
Expected to explain all your actions to sb if asked.(if you are not accountable to anyone you are your own boss)
Insight into sth
A clear understanding of what sth is like.
Producing a large amount of money.
Only: not involving sb/sth else.(be solely responsible for sth)
Juggle sth
Try to manage and balance different jobs and avtivities in order to fit them successfully into your life.
Guarantee sth
Promise that sth will happen. guarantee N.
More than has been experienced or mentioned before.
Syns extra. Further
The US is sending additional troops to the region..., The insurer will also have to pay the additional costs of the trial.
Encounter sth
Experience sth. especially problems or opposition
Encroach upon sth
FML affect or use up too much of sb’s time. rights, personal life, etc.
Common goal
A goal shared by two or more people.
The feeling of confidence and enthusiasm that a person or group has at a particular time.(boost morale=improve morale)
Foster sth
Help sth to develop. SYNS encourage sth. Promote sth
Team spirit
The desire among a group to work together and help each other.
Collaboration(with sb)
The act of working with others to produce sth.
Used to describe a feeling that two people have for each other equally.(mutual respect/trust)
Giving personal satisfaction. SYN rewarding
Value sb/sth
Think that sb/sth is important
Pool sth
Collect money ,ideas ,etc .from different people so it or they can be used by all of them.(pool resources)
Fit in(with sb/sth)
Be accepted in a situation by the others in a group.
Causing problems, and making it hard to continue with sth. disrupt sth V
Undermine sb/sth
Make sb/sth gradually weaker or less effective.(undermine sb’s confidence/authority)
Stifle sth
Stop sth from happening or developing.(stifle creativity)
The ability to think of new ideas and make them successful.
The ability to take decisions and act alone.(use your initiative)