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Unit 46: I can talk about the business world

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Likely to happen soon.
Having a particular position in the past.(former president/boss)
Mount sth
Organize and begin sth.(mount a challenge/campaign)
Involving two or more people.(joint account/venture).jointly ADV.
An offer to pay a particular price for sth.(make a bid for sth)BID V
HELP.SYNS support .back sb/sth
Reject sth
Refuse to accept sth .SYN turn sth down. rejection N
A person who owns shares in a business or company.
A portion of a company’s profits that is given to shareholders.
Clinch sth
Succeed in achieving or winning sth.(clinch a deal/victory).
Set sth off
Start a process or series of events.
Go under
The company may go under.
Wind sth up
The board may have to wind up the company.
Step down/aside
The chairman had to step down.
Tighten your belt
If there is a recession, we will all have to tighten our belts.
Go down that road
The company doesn’t want to go that particular road.
Wriggle out of sth/doing sth
They are trying to wriggle out of their obligation to customers.
Lure sb
The company is trying to lure passengers away from its rivals.
Not take sth lying down
You can be sure that BA won’t take this situation lying down.
Tip the balance
The city’s transport links could tip the balance in their favour.
Fuel sth
The situation is fuelling fears that prices could rise again.
The dust settles
Wait until the dust settles.
On the cards
A takeover bid is on the cards.