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Unit 50: I can discuss workplace dispute

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A failure to reach an agreement or settle an agreement
A system of voting in which votes are made in secret
A disagreement often official between group or people
Halt something
Prevent something from continuing
Jot sth down
Write something quickly
A particular way in which it is organized or done
Put task problems and etc in order of importance and do important one first
In a determined and firm way
Accomplish something
Succeed in doing and completing something
Stick to something
Continue doing something despite difficulties
Anticipate something
Expect something will happen and prepare for it
Schedule something
Arrange for something to happen in a particular time
Delegate something
Give part of your woek to somebody specially sb in a lower position
Strict and severe
Inundated(with something)
Given so many things that you can not deal with them
A situation which a school factory etcis permanently shut
The process of selling an industry so it is no longer owned by the government
At stake
If sth is at stake you will lose it if a plan or action is not successful
A thing that happened in the past which is seen as a rule to be followed by others
Inclined to do sth
Likely to sth or tending to do sth
Step sth up
Increase the amount of an activity in order to achieve it
Intervene in sth
Get involve in a situation in order to help
Resolve sth
Find an acceptable solution to a problem
(of a person or policy) creating or controlling situation by making things happen rather than waiting for things to happen.
Tackle a problem
Do sth to solve a problem
Blow sth (up) out of (all) proportion
Make sth more serious than it is.
Sort sth out
Deal with a problem successfully (if sth sorts itself out the problem is resolved without the need for action from anyone)
Pass the buck
Make deal with sth that you should deal with.