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Unit 53: I can talk about truth and lies

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be economical with the truth
say things that are only partially true
talk sth up
describe sth in a way that makes it sound better than it is.
embellish sth
make a statement or story more interesting by adding details that are not always true,
gloss over sth
deliberately avoid talking about sth unpleasant, or say as little as possible about it.
unpleasant and hard to accept
. used to introduce more exact information about a subject.
sustain sth
make sth continue for some time.
detect sth
discover or notice sth. especially sth that is hard to see or hear, become worse, deterioration n.
Become worse.
the process of asking sb a lot of questions, especially in an aggressive way. interrogate sb v.
catch sb out
make sb make a mistake which shows they have been lying,
feeling ashamed because you have lost the respect of other people, humiliate sb v.
needless to say
a ceasefire
announce the start of war or a ceasefire.
sth that is destroyed or sb who suffers when sth else happens,
distort sth
twist or change facts, etc. so that they arc no longer true,
level with sb
tell the truth and not hide any
important facts
I'll level with you - the salary's not particularly good, and there's little chance of promotion.
a person who is not honest or sincere,
in such a way that the speaker’s name is kept secret, anonymity n.
after sb has died.
puzzle sb
make sb feel confused because they don’t understand sth. sy ns baffle sb, confound sb
an enemy or opponent,
deceive sb
trick sb by behaving dishonestly
sy n delude yourself), deceit n. syn deception n.
Unless my eyes deceive me, that's his wife.