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Unit 54: I can discuss problems and solutions

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not important, opp major.
increasing in size, amount, or degree.
requiring immediate action.
always existing and not seeming to change.
unable to be solved, syn insurmountable.
start to exist, syn occur / come up
raise sth
mention sth for people to discuss.
confront sb
If problems confront sb. they appear and have to be dealt with by sb. sy n face sb.
confront sth
deal with a problem or difficult situation. syn face up to sth.
address sth
think about a difficult situation and decide how to deal with it.
get to grips with sth
begin to understand and deal with sth difficult.
tackle sth
make a big effort to deal with a problem.
overcome sth
succeed in dealing with a problem that has been preventing you from achieving sth.
exacerbate Sth FML
make an existing problem worse. syn aggravate sth.
dent (sb's confidence, reputation, etc.)
damage sb’s confidence, etc.
the way you feel about yourself (high/low self­ esteem).
make light of sth
treat sth as unimportant, o pp take sth seriously.
not important or serious.
take sth in your stride
accept and deal with a difficult situation without letting it worry you.
get sb down
If sth gets you down it makes you feel sad or depressed.
keep sth in perspective
not allow a problem to have too much importance.
a problem that delays or prevents progress.
reassure sb
say or do sth that makes sb less worried, syn set sb’s mind at rest.
be behind sb/sth
give your support to sb/sth.
regardless of sth
without being affected or influenced by sth.
articulate sth
express your thoughts clearly in words, articulate
channel of communication
a system or method for sending or obtaining information.