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Unit 56: I can talk about success and failure

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Very great
Turn out
Happen in a particular way
The secret of success
Way of doing things that has brought success
A stroke of sth
An unexpected but important event
Qualities that exist and can be developed
Not put a foot wrong
Not make a single mistake
Overcome sth
Succeed in dealing with a problem
A situation that makes it hard to achieve
In sb’s/the way
Stopping sb from doing sth
Come unstuck
Fail completely
Make it
Become successful
A development that leads to an achievement
Go from strength to strength
Become more successful
Make a go of sth
Make sth succeed
Out of your depth
Unable to understand sth because it’s hard
Difficult to deal with
Up against it
Facing difficult problems
Go downhill
Get worse in quality
Come bottom
Receive the lowest score
Scrape through
Just pass an exam
Let sb down
Make sb disappointed
Be past it
Be too old to do what you used to be able to do
A film, book, etc. that is not successful