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Unit 57: I can talk about past, present, and futur

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time flies
time seems to pass very quickly
from time to time
sometimes but not regularly
in due course
at the right time and not before.
it's about time
used to say that sth should happen soon or should have happened already (notice thr past tense).
at one time
In the past but not now.
do sth at the last minute
do sth at the latest possible time before sth else happens.
in retrospect
thinking now about the past. often with a different view from the one you had then.
for the time being
for a short period of time but not permanently.
Behind the times
old-fashioned in ideas, ways , etc.
over time
Before your time
before you were born or before you can remember.
With hindsight
With the ability to understand a situation only after it has happened (with the benefit of hindsight).
Continuously within a period of time.
at a point within a period of time.
a period of time with a particular quality or character.
a particular period of history.
prolong sth
Make sth last longer.
extend sth
increase the length of time of sth.
a period of time between two events or two parts of sth.
a period of time when sth stops.
a short period of time when you stop what you are doing and rest.
a short period of time or of a particular activitiy.
a period that forms parts of an activity.
a difficult period of time that sb/sth passes through (stages is also possible). A period of time that forms part of a process or the development of sth.
Describe the process of time. often used with an adverb to describe how time happens.
Describe the process of time in a formal way.
go by
.Describe the process of time. often used with an adverb to describe how time happens.
soon or shortly
quickly (after sth happens). in a short period of time from now.