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Unit 59: I can use idioms and set phrases

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Go in one ear and out (of) the other
If sth goes in one ear and out of the other. you forget it very quickly .
My mind goes ( a complete ) blank
= suddenly I cannot remember sth.
Get there
Be successful (get somewhere = make progress; get nowhere = make no progress).
It’s no good + -ing
Used to say that it is not useful doing sth. SYNS there’s no point in + - ing , it’s no use + -ing .
I (you/he, etc.) could do with sth.
I (you/he, etc.) need sth.
Have sb/sth in mind
Be thinking of sb/sth for a particular purpose.
Off the top of my head
Without thinking about sth carefully.
Your best bet (is to ... )
Used when advising sb what to do. SYN the best thing (to do is ... )
Don’t hold your breath.
Used to say you don’t expect sth to happen even though sb said it would.
a foregone conclusion
Used to say that sth is a result that is to certain to happen.
You bet.
Use to emphasize that you are keen to do sth.
You can say that again.
Used to agree completely with what sb has just said.
No such luck
Used to express your disappointment that sth is not going to happen.
A likely story.
Used ironically to say you don’t believe what sb has told you.
I haven’t the faintest idea.
Used to say you don’t know sth. SYNS Don’t ask me. Your guess is as good as mine.
it’s been one of those days.
Used to say you have had a hard day.
You’ve got nothing to lose.
Used to say there’s no reason for sb not to do sth.
You’re kidding.
Used to say that you think sth cannot be true and must be a joke. SYNS You’re joking. You can’t be serious.
It’s not your day
Used when several unpleasant or unfortunate things happen on the same day.
No way.
Used to say that sth is not at all possible or not allowed .SYN no chance.