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Unit 60: I can use idioms and set phrases (2)

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A last/final resort
An action you will take if there is no other option (as a last resort SYN if all else fails.
It’s more trouble than it’s worth
Used to say the dis advantages of sth are greater than advantages.
The best of both worlds
A situation in which you have the advantages of two things without any disadvantages.
Lose face
Look stupid or be less respected because of sth you have done.
Keep your feet on the ground
Remain sensible and realistic about life.
Let your hair down
Relax and enjoy you yourself.
Fight a losing battle
Try to do sth that will almost certainly fail.
Too good to be true
Used to express doubts about a surprisingly good situation.
Live/be in a world of your own
Spend your time imagining things, and not be aware of things around you.
By any chance?
Used to add politeness to a question (also: Do you happen to know if they’re married?).
If you don’t mind my/me asking
Used before a question which you think may be sensitive.
the thing is
Used to introduce an explanation, and often one that suggests there is a problem.
every bit as ... as
Used to emphasize the comparative; equally good, bad, interesting, etc.
you never know.
Used to say that you can never be certain about future events, so anything is possible.
Guess what!
Used before giving sb surprising or exciting news.
believe or not
Used to introduce information which is true but surprising.
no wonder
Used to emphasis the fact that sth is not surprising.
(Where) on earth
Used after wh- questions to indicate surprising, and sometimes annoyance, about sth.
all things being equal
Used to say that sth is true if there are no other factors affecting it.
for some reason
Used to say, often with slight annoyance, that you don’t know the reason or don’t understand it.
I have to admit
Used to agree reluctantly that sth is true.