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Unit 61: I can use set phrases with two key words

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back and forth
from one place to another and then back again many times.
First and foremost
more than anything else.
long and hard
for a long time.
sooner or later
at some time in the future.
back to front
with the back where the front should be.
hustle and bustle
busy and noisy activity.
trial and error
a process of trying to solve a problem in different ways until you are successful.
aims and objectives
things you want to achieve.
rules and regulations
law and order
safe and peaceful conditions in society when people obey the law.
bright and cheerful
happy and lively.
safe and sound
safely; not harmed, damaged, lost, etc.
sick and tired
bored with or annoyed about sth, and wanting it to stop. SYN fed up with sth.
pick and choose
choose only those things that you like or want.
pushing and shoving
shove push in a rough way.