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Unit 63: I can range of phrasal verb

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Talk into
Talk out of
Dissuade them from
Bring up
Get across
Communicate with
Butt in
Drag out
Own up
Go on at
Hit back at
Do away with
Call off
Make up for
Compensate for
Makes out
Taken in
Make it up with
Are reconciled
Take apart
Dismantle, take it into pieces
Bump into sb
Meet sb by chance.
Ask after sb
Ask sb how sb else is, or what they are doing.
Show up
Arrive where you have arrange to meet sb. SYN turn up
Crop up
Happen unexpectedly. SYN come up
Go down with
Become sick or ill with sth. SYN catch sth.
Shake sth off
Get rid of sth, such as an illness or a problem.
Wear off
Gradually disappear or stop.
Miss out on sth
Miss an opportunity to do or have sth.
Pick sth up
Learn a new skill easily and without effort.
Get by
If you get by in a language, you can speak at a basic level.
Sink in
Become completely understood or able to be remembered.
Stick at sth
Continue to work in a determined way to achieve sth.