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Unit 64: I can use discourse markers

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Mind you
INF used to add a further comment which is usually a contrast or a surprise, but can also be an explanation. SYN still
Used to change the conversation to a different topic. SYN by the way
As for
Used to start talking about sb or sth new that is connected with what you were talking about before.
Used to introduce an idea that is a second choice or possibility.
It’s true
Used to agree with an idea made by a previous speaker(but often before disagreeing)
Even so
Used to introduce a counter-argument or return to one the speaker has already made. SYN all the same, nevertheless
As a matter of fact
Used to say what you really think, or to introduce information which is not what the listeners expect to hear. Syns actually, to be honest, to tell you the truth
By and large
Used to introduce a generalization. Syns to a large extent, on the hole, broadly speaking
In any case
Used to introduce an additional point and one that is often conclusive or the most important. Syns besides, anyway.
At any rate
Used to say that sth is true of sth will happen in spite of other things mentioned. Syns anyway, anyhow
As I was saying
Used to return the conversation to sth you said earlier.