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Unit 67: I can write a formal letter

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I am writing To inform you that ...
Giving information
a plan to do sth
End or stop sth
a legal agreement for renting a property
I am writing to enquire whether ...
Used for asking a question or making a request
I regret to inform you that ...
Used for giving bad news
Appeal for sth
An urgent or sincere request for people to give money, help, etc.
I am delighted to inform you that ...
Used for giving good news
I am writing in response to ...
Used for replying to an advertisement
syn genuine
Defense lawyers appealed for mercy
Accept my sincere condolences
Used for expressing apologies, sympathy, etc.
State sth straightforward
Write or say sth clearly or firmly
The main part of a book, article, text, etc.
Subject matter
the ideas or information in a book, letter, painting, etc.
Spell sth out
Explain the details of sth in a simple, clear way.
The general attitude or feeling expressed in a piece of writing.
Expressed clearly and without any unnecessary words.
Saying what you think even if it offends or upsets people
Speaking or acting with few words in a way that seems unfriendly and rude Syn Brusque, Curt
Without unnecessary detail; clear.
An example, or small amount of sth to show what all of it is like