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Unit 69: I can use academic English

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Discussing different ideas
A set of reasons that sb uses to show that sth is true or not
Evaluate sth
Form an opinion of sth after careful thought
Summarize sth
Give a short statement that brings together the main point of sth
Criterion (PL criteria)
A standard or principle by which sth is judged
Clear and comprehensible, with each part following on logically from the one before
Command of sth
A knowledge of sth and an ability to use it well
Connected to the way a writer of artist does sth
The words, grammar, and style that sb uses in a particular situation, e.g. formal
A description of events, especially in a novel
Outline sth
Give a description of the main points involved in sth. Outline. N
Explore sth
Examine, discuss, or think about sth carefully. Syn. Analyze sth
Highlight sth
Emphasize sth to give it more attention
Adopt sth
Decide to take and support a particular point of view, plan, etc.
Stance (on sth)
And opinion that sb has about sth and expresses publicly. Syn. Position
Exemplify sth
Give an example to make sth clearer. Syn. illustrate sth
A decision reached after discussion and examination of any evidence (reach / draw / come to a conclusion). Conclude v.
Condemn sth/sb
Say publicly that you think sth or sb is bad or wrong. Condemnation n.
Condone sth
Accept or forgive behavior that most people think is wrong
Suggest a possible explanation for sth, but without knowing whether it is really true. Hypothesis n.
Assert sth
State clearly that sth is true. Syn. claim sth. Assertion n.
Justify sth
Show that sth is right or reasonable. Justification n.
Sit on the fence
Idiom. Avoid deciding or saying which side of an argument you support.