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Unit 76: Ican words with prepositions

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Embark on sth
To start some thing especially, some thing new, difficult or exciting.
Intent upon/on sth
Determined to do sth or achieve some thing.
Subject to sth
Likely to be affected by sth, especially sth bad.
Stem from sth
To develop as a result of some thing else.
Compatible with sth/sb
Able to exist or be used together without causing problems
Live with sth
Accept an unpleasant situation.
Resistant to sth
Opposed to sth and trying to stop it happening.
Representative of sth/sb
Typical of a particular group or thing.
Reconciled to sth
Able to accept a bad situation that you can not change.
dependent on sb/sth
To be directly affected or decided by some thing else.
Subservient to sb
Always obeying another person and doing everything they want you to do.
Reminiscent of sth/sb
Reminding you of some thing.