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Unit 8: I can talk about body language

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Jump to conclusions
Make a decision about sth too quickly
A body movement you make to show a particular meaning
Misinterpret sth
Understanding wrongly
Eye contact
The action of looking to another person’s eyes
Not necessarily
Used to say something is probably true but not always
Observe sth
See or notice sth
A mix of two or more things
Display sth
Show sign of sth
Look out for sb/sth
Look and try to see or find sth/sb
Go red
Become red in the face
Water appearing on the surface of your skin because you are hot
More than is reasonable or necessary
Bear sth in mind
Remember to consider sth
Make generalization about sth
Make general statement about sth
Imply sth
Suggest that you feel or think sth without saying directly
A determination not to change your opinion or attitude
Fancy sb
Be attracted to sb
Fiddle with sth
Keep moving or touching sth with your hands
Stroke sth
Move your hand or fingers gently over the surface of sth
Flirt (with sb)
Behave towards sb as if you find them sexually attractive