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n niŋ Baakari be kacaa kaŋ
I am chatting with Baakari
Fitaraŋo dii a maarii la
Give the broom to its owner
ñiŋ laaraŋo maŋ dadaa kuu (adv)
this bed is not well made
ñiŋ siiraŋo maŋ bambaŋ
this chair is not strong
N teerimaa le mu bari a maŋ baraka
He is my friend but he is not serious
A be looriŋ a daala
He is standing near him
Munne be jee ?
What is there ?
ñiŋ siisee kiloo maŋ beteyaa
This (chicken) egg is not good
bundaa bula, a maŋ bambaŋ
leave the door, it is not strong
jumaa le mu i diŋo ti ?
who is your child
n doroŋ ne (emphasis words n/ŋ) be jaŋ
I am the only one here
I faloo maŋ diyaa
You are not fortunate
i bota miŋ ?
where are you from ?
a te jaŋ
he is not here
wo kambaanoo kumandi n ñe
call that boy for me
mu n keemaa le ti
this is my husband
wo kewo kumandi n ñe
call that man for me
kinoo maŋ paree foloo
the food is not ready yet
Laamin kontoŋ n ñe
Greet Laamin for me
taa mbuuro saŋ n ñe
go and buy bread for me