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wo faanoo lampi
fold that sarong
ñiŋ landi a noo to
put this in its place
a ye beroo (stone) joloŋ koloŋo kono
he dropped a stone in the well
jiyo be faji kaŋ ne
the water is boiling
kana n too fo
dont mention my name
wo musukeebaa tuloo kuyaata le
that old woman has poor hearing
Noosoo be lopitaanoo to
the nurse is at the hospital
biriŋ muŋ tuma?
since when ?
kununkoo mu sibitoo le ti
the day before yesterday was saturday
Kana n batandi
Dont bother me
munne mu kuwo (thing) kuŋo (cause) ti ?
what is the cause of the thing ?
feŋolu daa maŋ diyaa saayiŋ
Things are not cheap now
n neŋo le ka n dimi
I have a sore tongue
ŋaniŋo bondi dindiŋo siŋo kono
remove the thorn from the child's foot (remove, organise)
boorikesoo naafee
Bring the tablet
mbe taa la Serekunda saayiŋ
I will go to Serekunda now
m be taa la suuwoo kono saayiŋ saayiŋ
I shall go home now now
noosoo ye deenaanoo penku kunuŋ
The nurse injected a baby yesterday
mbe i je la kontenke
I will see you again
Dukare I batu domandiŋ
Please wait a little