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a maŋ tariyaa
he is not quick
niisoolu biti saayiŋ
Milk the cow now (to wed, cover, milk)
taa ñaato domandiŋ
go forward a little
kana a lipa
dont beat him
jumaa le be sele kaŋ ?
who is climbing ?
a be barigoo duuma
it is at the bottom of the drum
sikaa saboo bula
stop cigarette smoking to board
sukuroo le diyaata ka tambi (surpass) liyo (honey) ti
sugar is sweeter than honey
wuli siiraŋo kaŋ
get up from the chair
a wulindi
make it to get up
n sisoo be dimikaŋ
my chest aches
ñiŋ jaboo tolita le
this onion is rotten
i maraa dii n na
give me your left hand
bulubaa kara n ñe
sew me a gown
nuunee tilindi
straighten the line
a fo a ye loo
tell him to stand
i dey silaŋ
be quiet now
moto siŋo jindi
loose the car wheel
a ye nna kaŋo soosoo le
he disobeyed my instructions/orders
waatoo maŋ soto feyaa ye
there is no time to play