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a yebakaasoolu yitandi alifaalula
he showed the elders the materials
ñiŋ ne mu moo fulanjaŋo ti
this is the second person
koo be booloo kono
salt is in the bowl
wo baa muta n ñe
catch that goat for me
ñiŋ safoo te muta la
this amulet wont work
Kajaali sikaa saba baake le
Kajaali smokes cigarettes a lot
Kerewan maŋ saba baake
Kerewan is not very far
n be naa la le kulliiluŋo
I'll come on the naming ceremonyday
basoo feenee
spread the mat
jaŋ maŋ feenee
this place is not flat
i be munne fele kaŋ ?
what are you watching
Misilimoolu bee ka kiisoo le duwaa (blessing)
All muslims pray for salvation
a ye munne fo ?
what did he say ?
a ñiiñaata le fo (so)
it's so beautiful
moo bee taata fo (except) ite
everybody went except you
fo (must) i ye n joo
you must pay me
bukoo beteyaata le, fo (only) ala daa koleyaa
the book is good, only its expensive
fo (question marker) i be taa la le saama ?
will you go tomorrow ?
a ye n taamandi keseŋ
he made me walk for nothing
m maŋ taama (travel) biriŋ seruŋ
I didnt travel since last year
n kotomaa taamata le
my older brother has travelled
ñiŋ mu dindiŋ taamandiŋole ti
this is a child who just started to walk
niŋ kandoo boyita n taa taamaŋtaamaŋ suutoo
if it is hot I walk about/stroll at night
a ye motoo le saŋ puru taamaraŋo
he bought a private car