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kana n juubee
dont look at me
a mu juubeerilaa le ti
he is a fortune teller
a be juubeeroo la
he is looking
a siti banbanke
tie it tightly
ate maŋ siti
he is not ill lucked
musoo ye ala bundaa tawuŋ
the woman closed the door
Alimaamoo ye tawuŋo saaree
the imam buried the protective charm
i nuŋo fee
blow your nose
a keta n ñaa la le
it happened in my presence
nte le naata i ñaa
I came before you
kana i ñaafeetee n kaŋ
dont gaze at me
i ñaakalaŋ kalaŋ jee
look around there
ñaakunyaa mu a jikoo le ti
frowning is his habit
i ñaa uruŋ muruŋ
look around
i ye a ke ñaa wo ñaa a beteyaata
anyhow you do it, it is okay
ali ñoo maakoy
help each other
work mate
Ala ñoobaajoo warata le
his millet file is big
i be ñoo saba kaŋ
they are arguing
a sansaŋ ñookaloo la
fence is with millet stock
I ke ñookaŋ
put them together
na taa ñoola
lets go together