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n lafita n ñiŋo wutu la le
I want to up root my tooth
sikaa saboo bula
stop smoking cigarettes
mbe i je la kotenke
I will see you again
a naata le kote(n)ke
he has come again
i si naa dimaasi koteŋ
come next sunday
n be i faŋo le la
I am referring to yourself
faŋmutoo maŋ diyaa bari a beteyaata le
self control is not easy but its very good
i ka faŋsotoo le kele
they are fighting for independance
faŋwaroo maŋ nafaa soto
arrogance has no use
n maŋ i je faŋ
I havent even seen you
dukare i faŋo sey
please surrender
kana i faŋo wara
dont make yourself arrogant
i faŋmajii
humble yourself
ate mu n jawoo le ti
he is my ennemy
buntaloo mu feŋ jawoo le ti
a scorpion is a bad reptile
ñiŋ maariyo mu jumaa le ti ?
woho is the owner of this ?
ate mu n kafuñoo le ti
he is my friend
kafuñooyaa beteyaata le
friendship is good
jiyoo kafu barigoo kono
add water in the drum
alifaa ñanta (should) buuñaa la le
an elder should be respected