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a be tiyoo ñimikaŋ (-ing)
he is chewing peanut
woo sunkutoo mu a la sunkutoo le ti
that girl is his girlfriend
naa jaŋ
come here
muntuma le (emphasis prec. word)i naata ?
when did you come ?
lampoo be baakoo kono
the lamp is in the bag
wo palaatoo be nooriŋ ne
that plate is dirty
n fuu muroo la
lend me a knife
i la motoo lee ?
where is your car ?
koojaaroo ke wo miraŋo kono
put the spoon in that calabash bowl
kori i be naa la saama ?
hope you 'll come tomorrow ?
nna muroo lee ?
where is my knife ?
nna luntaŋo le mu ñiŋ ti
this is my stranger
n maŋ lafi maanoo la bii
I dont want rice today
mindaŋo ke daa to
put the drinking cup at the jar
foñoo buka duŋ ñiŋ palanteeroo la
air does not come through this window
m be i kumandi la le
I will call you
ila musoo lee ?
where is your wife ?
bukoo seyindi/sayindi a maariyo la
return the book to its owner
tuuraa be sitiriŋ yiroo koto
there is a bull tied under the tree
ala kuluŋo maŋ wara
his boat is not big
Ñiŋ koloŋo diinonta le
this well is deep