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Jaŋ mu alila koridaa le ti
This place is your compound
tasaloo kandita le baŋ ?
is the kettle hot ?
hanii, nte taa la
No, I wont go
somandaa le a be naa la
he will come in the morning
ñankumoo ye basoo muta
the cat cought a lizard
ali baamaa too mu Tomboŋ ne ti
your mother's name is Tomboŋ
jee manke feeyaadula ti
that place is not a playing ground
ñiŋ doo mu laabuŋo le ti
this other one is a bedroom
kudaa bondi kuluŋo kono
remove the pestle from the mortar
ñiŋ daraboo dadaata China le
This bedsheet is made in China
ite mu wuloo le ti
you are a liar
tiloo kandita baake
the sun is very hot
a be koobaa kono
it is in the kitchen
a la ridoo ñiiñaata baake
her curtains are very beautiful
saafunoo daa (price) jawuyaata saayiŋ baake
the price of soap is very bad now (expensive)
a be kamoo to
he is at the toilet
saaman mbe taa la Sooma
tomorrow I will go to Soma
taa i faamaa saama (to greet)
go and greet your father
weeroo teyita le
the glass is broken
ñiŋ mbajoo warata le
this blanket is big