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suusuulaa mu feŋ (thing) jawoo le ti
a mosquito is a bad thing
Basse maŋ diyaa
Basse is not nice
kaboo soodi
fill the bottle
a be jonkoŋo kono
he is in the bathroom
pereekoo ye motoo siŋo (wheel)soo (pierce)
a nail pierced the carwheel
koo be booloo kono
salt is in the bowl
karoo maŋ faa foloo
the month hasnt ended yet
siipaanoo fandi jiyo la
fill the bucket with water
siyolu siyaata jaŋ ne
too much flies are here
subusooraŋo be taabuloo kaŋ
the fork is on the table
kullaaraŋo be laaraŋo kaŋ
the pillow is on the bed
i faamaa mu jumaa le ti ?
who is your father ?
ila bukoo lee ?
where is your book ?
ñiŋ te siiraŋo ti
this is not a chair
I baa be mintoo le ?
Your mother is where ?
ila suwo be mintoo le ?
where is your home ?
kadii be naakoo to
kadii is at the garden
jaŋ mu nna koridaa le ti
here is my compound
i mu dindiŋo le ti hani saayiŋ
you are still a child
ñiŋ siloo le ka taa Sooma le
This road leads to Sooma
a maŋ bundaa yele
he did not open the door
moolu buka kuuroo ke koojiyo la
people dont do laundry with salt water