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saatee moolu maŋ kambeŋ
the villagers did not agree on one thing
a be taabuloo koto
it's under the table
a mu n doomaa le ti
he is my younger brother
ala kunkoo maŋ janfa jaŋ na
his farm is not far from here
ñiŋ sinsiŋo ñiiñaata le
this basket is beautiful
Musaa mu n teerima le ti
Musa is my friend
a be marisee to
he is at the market
ñiŋ mu n binki le ti
She is my aunt
M bariŋ mu darayiboo le ti
My uncle is a driver (uncle mother's brother = Guy, Luc)
Alikaaloo ko moolu bee si(futur imperative) beŋ bantabaa to
The Alikaaloo says everybody should meet at the bantabaa
totoo be koloŋo kono
there is a frog in the well
jumaa le be motoo kooma ?
who is behind the car ?
woo miraŋo kuu
wash that calabash
a be i daala
it is near you
kodoo be ila jifoo kono
there is money in your pocket
Baalu be laariŋ banta
The goats are lying outside
a kuluuta (trained) a mamamusoo le bulu (with)
he was brought up by his grandmother
juloolu be marisewo to
the traders are at the market
a penpeŋ maritoo la
nail it with the hammer
n faamaa mu senelaa le ti
my father is a farmer