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i ye muroo soto le baŋ ?
do you have a knife ?
a mu kantarilaa le ti
he is a shepherd
kandiyo mu dalasi le ti saayin
a candle cost one dalasi now
m be taa la le
I 'll go
a keta n ñaa la le
it happened in my presence
nte le naata i ñaa
I came before you
luusoo mala
put the light on
saajiyoo ye naakoo bee ñimi
sheep chewed all the garden crops
ala kalaa dii a la
give him his pen
Ali be taa la le
You (plur) will go
Laamin be i jee la le
Laamin will see you
N lafita taala Banjul le bari n maŋ kodoo soto
I want to go to Banjul but I have no money
tumandoo n be taa la Sooma le
perhaps I will go to Soma
dukare naa
please come
peeloo samba naakoo to
carry the spade to the garden
M be bayoo saŋ na nna musoo ye
I will buy a fabric for my wife
kana sipa duŋ
dont put a skirt
tubaaño buka soto saayiŋ
corn is not available now
nte maŋ lafi menteŋo la
I dont like tomato
maanoo ke booloo kono
Put the rice in the bowl
a waafi m ma
sell it to me