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duutoo be bootoo kono
The mango is in the sack
pompoo maŋ jiiyoo soto
there is no water in the tap
ñaamoo ke puusupuusoo kono
put grass in the wheelbarrow
cuuboo mu jelu le ti ?
dyied fabric is how much ?
wo kambaanoo la samatoo ñiiñaata le
the boy's shoe is really nice
n na naafoo ke laaraŋo kaŋ
put my hat on the bed
ala tikoo kuu
wash her headtie
a la faanoo maŋ wara
his/ her sarong is not big
n maŋ kodoo soto
I have no money
kodoo be kalipewo kono
money is in the wallet
koo be kalamaa kono
salt is in the calabash spoon
n naata seruŋ ne
I came last year
kunuŋ mu luŋ jumaa le ti ?
yesterday was which day ?
faamoo keta
it has been a long time
Moolu bee siiŋoota le
All the people have slept
a maŋ bundaa yele
he did not open the door
kunuŋ ŋa leetaroo soto
yesterday I had a letter
ñiŋ dookuwo koleyaata
this work is hard
a lafita miŋ na le
he wants to drink
ŋa leetaroo safee n teerimaa ye
I wrote a letter to my friend