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Dokitaroo ye yitoo fara riisa la
The doctor tore the abscess with a razor blade
kana suboo jani
dont roast the meat
wo mu junuboo le ti
that is a sin
a be munne ke kaŋ ?
what is he doing ?
ŋa (n ye =>past) nna (my) kurutoo paasi
I ironed my trousers
taa ñiŋ maabo
go and keep this
dimbaa te mala kaŋ
the fire is not burning
kana a lese jaŋ ?
dont carve it here ?
munne mu a kontoŋo ti ?
what is his surname ?
i ka munne ñimi ?
what are you chewing ?
cuuroo biti
cover the porridge
i be munne tabi kaŋ ?
what are you cooking ?
tabirilaa te jaŋ ?
the cook is not there ?
radiyo ye kibaaroo dantee
the radio announced the news
tantaŋo te kuma kaŋ bantabaa to
drums are not sounding at the bantabaa
a be tantaŋo kosi kaŋ
he is beating the drum
booloolu kuu
wash the bowls
Ñiŋ koloŋo diinonta le
this well is deep
i be soŋ na le baŋ ?
will you agree ?
sikaa be i faa la le niŋ i maŋ i hakilootu
Cigarettes will kill you if you dont take care