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a kuntu fula ti
cut it into two
a be maanoo le tuu kaŋ
she is pounding rice
keebaalu be siiriŋ yiroo koto
the elders are sitting under the tree
i si salaatoo dammaa jiiboŋ
you can water the lettuce only
A diyaata baake le
Its very sweet
i ye munne moyi ?
what did you hear ?
ñiŋ konoo maŋ fanu
this room is not spacious
kana n kiŋ
dont bite me
kana a kuloo kunuŋ
dont swallow its seed
i ka munne ñiniŋ ?
what are you looking for ?
faloo be dunoo samba kaŋ
a donkey is carrying a load
i baloo joosi
scrub your body
a kara n ñe
sew it for me
Buŋo fita kendeke
Clean the house very well
n be taa la le saama
I'll go tomorrow
a be ñewo waafi kaŋ marisewo to
she is selling fish at the market
kaleeroo jonki
set the pot on the stove
deenaanoo maŋ suusuu bii
the baby didnt feed from the breast today
n lafita i jee la le
I want to see you
Bootoo fandi
Fill the bag