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Tamil Consonants

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k (pronounced "ka")
ṅ (pronounced "nga")
c (pronounced "cha" or "sa")
ñ (pronounced "nya")
ṭ (pronounced "da" or sometimes "ta")
ṇ (pronounced "na")
t (pronounced "tha" or "dha")
n (pronounced "na")
p (pronounced "pa" or "ba")
m (pronounced "ma")
y (pronounced "ya")
r (pronounced "ra")
l (pronounced "la")
v (pronounced "va")
ḻ (complex - pronounced somewhat like "la", see notes)
ḷ (pronounced "la")
ṟ (pronounced "ra" or "ta")
ṉ (pronounced "ṉ")
j (pronounced "ja")
ṣ (pronounced "sha")
s (pronounced "sa")
h (pronounced "ha")
ksh (pronounced "ksha")
sri (pronounced "sree")