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F (Verbs)

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die (1)
be known
spread; preach; broadcast
be similar; resemble
be similar; be much the same
resemble each other
conform; make similar
liken; imagine
be quiet; gentle; shy
be bereaved
be nearly ripe
die for
lose by death
be soft; easy; lenient
soften; relax
be red
arrive at specific place; reach
squeeze out
eat breakfast; take food early in the morning
to exhaust; make weak
thatch; roof a house
be weak; be feeble (1)
make weak; enfeeble
rub a skin until soft; erase
dig something up with hands or using a tool
hurry; go fast; be early
hurry up someone else
clasp tightly
be rotten; eaten by weevils
want; look for; need
search for
embrace; hold in one's arms
be desirable; important
want for; hope for
want very badly
ask in marriage; make advances
be curious
fold; roll up
give a present; prize; reward
short; (as prep; near)
be short; near
be close
be close to each other
rub; cancel; clear
wait in vain
shout; raise voice
protrude; stick out