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M (Verbs)

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finish; end (1)
be finished
finish at
totally finish off
to stick
refuse to give; deny someone something
tie; bind; build; arrest
stick together
be tied up; tightened; restrained
tie up with
tie to something
feel free; be open
untie; release; acquit
be loosened
translate; interpret
give; someone an absolute discharge
stick; plaster (a wall)
stick to; adhere
take off; unstick
dip; immerse; plunge
invite; call on; assemble
who; which; when; where
beat; strike; hit
fight each other
fight for
beat much
germinate; sprout
shave; cut hair
swallow; gulp down
blow ones nose
drown; sink
be mad; crazy
go; become
deep seated; hard to shake off
always; everlasting (Chitonga)
hear; listen; feel
agree; understand each other
be well understood
obey; believe; listen to
understand completely
drink (2)
die (2)
scatter; disperse
be drunk (of drink; not drunkard!)
drink with (bread with tea; etc.)
cut grass
give drink; make one drink
smile; grin
be bruised