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N (Verbs)

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there was
tell lies; lie
slander; blaspheme
-namiza bodza
tell lies
deceive each other
be accused of something
pretend; accuse; slander
systematic; methodical; orderly (2)
say; tell
be talked about; said
be able to be said
gain weight; be fat
speak for; prophesy
haggle; negotiate price
say bad about someone
be like; resemble
tear; break apart
be torn; ripped
tear the thing of someone
how many; how much
be just imaginary
become thin enough to break (e.g. rope)
bind; arrest; tie
shiver; tremble
deceptive; untrustworthy; misleading
run fast; gallop
kneel on one knee
leave; get away
past habitual tense
be fat (animal)
stink; smell bad
smell good
sniff; smell
be proud; boast; brag
be proud of something
to wither
be neglectful
leave; take off; drive away
lift; carry
be filthy; disgusting; make one feel disgusted
be turned off; disgusted
make dirty; disgusting
stay away; boycott
deceive; lie; cheat (2)
persuade in a deceptive way; seduce
deceive; lie; cheat (3)
execute; hang
squat (respectfully of men)
be/get wet; soaked
make wet/moisten
despise; ignore; abuse
be despised
be despicable; be of no repute; be small and inconspicuous
ignore; disregard
talk bad ; about; disparage