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burn; roast
be burnt
transplant plants
moisten ones lips with saliva
cross over (road; river)
cross over
take over to the other side
thresh crops; hit; beat; shoot
-omba mfuti
fire (a gun)
be hit; sounded; shot; etc.
shoot at
-ombera m'manja
clap hands
shoot each other
-ombeza maula
cast lots; divine; magically discover something through sing'anga
be redeemed
see; be true
see each other
review; revisit
be thin; lose weight
be visible; appear; seem
stick out; be obvious; appear
look at; attend
show someone
look carefully; ensure
be straight
straighten out
be made straight
be made straight; straightened
direct in a straight way; drive
add; increase; aggravate
waste; damage; destroy abuse
be damaged; breakdown
fear (v)
fear each other
hold back for fear of
cause fear
be frightening; dreadful
frighten; be dreadful; dangerous
be frightened; made to fear
frighten; threaten; or act fierce
roast; burn
-othera dzuwa
warm oneself in the sun
-othera moto
warm oneself by a fire