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be ignorant
be undesirable
mix up
be mixed up
make bad; blemish
be spoilt; be destroyed
be made bad; be damaged
be flat; smooth
make smooth; level
look after; cherish; conserve
care for; look after
be very careful of; care diligently for
wash oneself; bath
stroll; go for a quiet unhurried walk
wash (a person)
leave; depart from area; transfer
move to; move house to
become; change into something else
be changed; transformed into
make; become
be happy (quietly); celebrate
gladden; interest; amuse
be made happy; pleased
arrange; construct
choose; grade
be chosen; be nominated
be chosen; be elected
choose because of ; for
choose; distinguish
vomit (2)
dust off; go stale (food)
be not even; rough
neglect; careless; not caring
be exhausted; be weary
easy to understand; clear
replace (roof)
be impossible
be poor; be troubled
afflict; be difficult; trouble
be persecuted; caused to suffer
be invisible
be ungrateful
be foreign; strange; unfamiliar
flood; overflow
laugh (1)
be laughed at
be glad; rejoice; smile
be glad; smile; be full of happiness
be funny; causing to laugh
miss; fail to meet; cross each other
cut off bark; cut off skin or hide
come near
carry on the head
be swept
sweep for
play with; mess around with
be admired
report; narrate
pound to pieces
be misrepresented
misrepresent; put words in s.o. else's mouth
change something or someone; switch
exchange places with another person
trade out one thing with another
be changed
cause a change
covet; want badly
be desirable
press; iron
leave; abandon
be different; be separate
-siyana maganizo
differ; hold conflicting opinions
differentiate; compare
be left
leave something for someone
pass on tradition; hand over
get lost
make to get lost
be led astray
fish (v)
sew; mend; knit; weave
wander astray; get lost
have something made; sewn
be confused; interrupted; disturbed
disturb with noise; confuse
confuse; interrupt
be confused; be puzzled
be disturbed; be confused
be shocked; confused
make noise
make something; make a noise
to pull-out; draw out
gather; collect
-sonkha moto
make a fire
gather together; meet together
assemble; convene
gather together materials
disregard; depreciate
show; point out
dig; prepare ground for sowing
lack; be lost; missing
be needed
miss; lack; need
disturb; disrupt; hide
beat out iron; hammer out
keep; keep safely
keep each other
be kept
keep for
entrust to someone's care
melt (intrans.)
melt something
alter; move
graze; be bruised
smoke (v)
shatter; break something
breed; multiply in number
smash; break something
spend the day