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T (Verbs)

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be long; far
be too long; high
be too tall; far; be taller than
be far from each other
boast; depend on; praise
commend; congratulate; praise
postpone; reschedule
be busy doing something
be busy (2)
do what; say what
mean; signify
interpret; show meaning
drop; throw away
-taya mtima
lose heart
be lost
go all the way in sin; wickedness; be reckless
call; give name to someone
be called; named
look smart; look neat
set trap; alarm; etc. for something
be set
cut grass; mow; slash
get stuck
be famous
pronounce; call; mention
be mentioned
call something by a certain name
land (plane)
chop; cut
turn around; change direction
be turned toward
turn; veer; change direction
turn upside down (car)
be cut
vaccinate; make an incision
resemble each other; pick one another
be taken
be taken; attracted; busy
take something
-tengera ndi
depending on
be hot
be burned; be lit on fire
heat; make hot
say this; do it like this
be slippery
shuffle; slip; slide
say that; do it like that
protect; defend
finish; be finished; be able
wear out
run; go fast
rush; be in a hurry
chase; drive away
complete a transaction; be free from each other; finish a relationship
help; assist
help each other
be helped
breath hard
run away; escape from
escape to; flee to
chase away
be chased away
use up; or lack
be a possibility; be able
decorate (with beads)
prune a plant
finish or be used up in relation to someone
put an end to; stop
pound (pestle and mortar)
show off; walk conceitedly
pour; put on; apply
have something poured on it
water plants; irrigate
thank; be grateful
be thanked
thank instead of
leak; drip (1)
be lonely; feel miserable
be sharp
be broken; break in two
break (a stick or bone); pick (a fruit)
be picked
pick for
where; say
till; prepare the land; turn the soil
soften the soil by digging it before planting
be busy
pick up and carry along
be picked up
pick up here and there
shell maize
be silent
be tired; weary
be wearisome; make tired
remain; be left
be left over; stay behind; remain
go together
to imitate
bid farewell
copy; follow; imitate
follow each other
be consecutive
follow after; be after; result
say goodbye
be open; opened
open for
close; shut
be closed
be sweet
shut out; exclude
block; intercept
shut firmly
be steep; slide
come down; disembark
get off (bus
confirm; prove; affirm
close one's eyes
finish; end (2)
be finished off; finished ; done
bring down; make to go down
drop: let off (passenger)
go before; in front
put in front; make someone go before
be successive; move in single file
clean; wash
condemn; argue against; refute
argue; disagree
-tsutsana ndi
disagree with
be convicted; condemned; be reproved
be refutable
development (v)
raise up; lift up; develop
insult; curse
take down; put down
go out; come out (sun/moon)
go out by
discharge; make exit
be discharged (from hospital)
send someone
lance (boil)
be sent (of person)
be sent
send something (not usually a person)
be sent (of thing)
send something to someone
swell; be swollen
carry; load up harvested crops
be grey; dirty; dusty