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get up from lying
desire; yearn
fly (of birds)
reveal; tell; uncover
dry up; be dry
mould using clay soil
-umira mtima
be heard hearted
urge; compel; force
make harden; dry out
be light; shine; diagnose
illuminate; enlighten
pile up; heap
put on clothes
dress someone; crown a chief
be clothed by another; be adorned
soak; dip in water
dance (v)
cover with a lid
be initiated
accept; agree; give assent
be admissible
approve; agree
be proper; acceptable; approvable
undress; take off
be injured; hurt
injure; assault; harm
be injured
expose; reveal
be wet with rain
cover; screen
uncover; take lid off
muddy; churn up water
be hard; trouble
quarrel (2)
lack; be poor; needy
achieve with difficulty
annoy; trouble
cause trouble
take out water; drain
run away; do fast