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You wait here until you get on your flight.
You come here after your flight has landed.
boarding pass
This is a ticket you're given at the airport. It allows you to get on the plane.
A plane does this when it comes back down to the ground at its destination.
check-in desk
This is a place at the airport where someone looks at your passport and gives you your boarding pass.
This is a line of people who are waiting for something.
You use it to push your luggage from one place to another place.
take off
A plane does this when it leaves the ground.
This is a person who has a ticket and is going to travel on a plane.
flight attendant
This person works on a plane. He or she helps the people on the flight.
This is a long piece of road that planes move along. They take off and land here.
hand luggage
This is the bag that you take onto the plane with you.
This person travels a lot and stays in different hotels.
This person works on a train. He or she helps people and checks tickets.
This person stays in a hotel for one night or more.
You use this when you don't want to go up the stairs.
This is the place at a station where you wait for a train.
This is the place in a hotel where you collect your key.
This person works at the main desk in a hotel.
ticket office
You go here to buy a piece of paper so you can travel on a train or bus.
tourist information centre
You go here to get information about a place you are visiting.